Monday, January 17, 2011


Our office participates in several fundraisers and service projects for various charitable organizations throughout the year. This past Christmas I helped organize a service project in which we collected new pajamas and new and gently used books.

I'd been told about a local charity that might benefit from our project, so I sent the director an email. After a few days and no response, I sent her another email in case the first one was lost in cyberspace. Still no answer.

I then called and left a voice mail for her. No response. I grew more and more frustrated. I made one final attempt to call her--got voice mail again and left another message--but she never responded.

Here we were trying to donate several hundred dollars' worth of items to this organization, and we got no response. We ended up finding another worthy local organization who was extremely thankful for our donation, so we were glad to see that these items were put to good use. Still, I couldn't understand why the original charity wouldn't at least return a call or email. Even if they didn't want what we were offering, they could have politely turned us down instead of ignoring repeated attempts to get in touch.

It's now a month later, and the life lesson finally hit me: How often do I turn down or even ignore what God is offering to me? Does He ever feel frustration that He is trying to provide for me and I don't even take the time to investigate His offer, let alone take Him up on it?

I wonder...

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Donna G said...

Good one. I was just reflecting this morning on how I no longer think in analogies. I am not sure that is a good thing. I was always stretching myself when I thought that way.....