Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Boot Camp Diaries, Day 2 (aka Upstairs, Downstairs)

Since I'm currently doing boot camp three days a week, I had Tuesday off. And my body was SORE, particularly my thighs from all the squats we did on Monday. I tried to keep moving so I didn't stiffen up too badly, but I definitely felt like I was walking like Frankenstein. I can't imagine how I would have made it through a workout if I'd gone on Tuesday. By Wednesday most of the stiffness was gone and I could move much better, which was a good thing because I had another boot camp session to face.

The boot camp meets at the Capitol on Wednesdays. When Margaret told me that on Monday, I knew it could only mean one thing: running stairs. And boy, was I right. After our warm-up, we began by running up and down the Capitol steps six times. I was too focused on not falling down to count the number of steps; maybe next week I'll remember to do that.

As if running up and down every single step wasn't fun enough, we then ran doubles, meaning we skipped every other step. We mixed in triceps dips, push-ups and mountain climbers to get some upper body strength training in. We walked and ran all the way around the Capitol. We did lunges up the hill. We did a couple more rounds of running stairs six times, although by the last round I was definitely running out of gas and walking it. Thankfully, there are several others who are slower than me, including a pregnant woman. (If she ever outruns me it will burst my ego for sure.)

One camper who's gone through boot camp before told me that Capitol days are her favorite boot camp days. I'm not quite sure I share that sentiment yet, but I suppose it will be fun to have a little "field trip" and go somewhere besides the park for every session.

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