Monday, May 02, 2011

The Boot Camp Diaries, Day 4 (aka Run, Lisa, Run!)

Can you believe that I was actually looking forward to going to boot camp this morning? The getting up early part I could do without, but in just a week's time I've grown to really enjoy the boot camp experience. Except for the getting up early part. (Did I already mention that?)

Today was our first fitness test day. (Yikes.) For the first part of our test, we were to run or walk a mile, which was two laps around the park, and Margaret would time us. As usual, she reminded us to do the best that we could and to not worry about how fast others were going. As we got started, she told the walkers that they could just do one lap if they wanted.

I'm not a runner, so I alternated between walking and running, and after completing one lap, decided to go for a second to complete the mile. I was the last of the milers to finish--but darn it, I FINISHED IT! There were a few slower ones than me who only did one lap, so I was pretty proud of myself for lasting the whole mile.

The other components of the fitness test were seeing how many push-ups and how many sit-ups we could do in a minute. These were the full-on push-ups and sit-ups--not push-ups on my knees or crunches. We wrote down our results of the three tests so that when we do a final test at the end of the boot camp, we'll see how much progress we've made.

You'd think that the fitness testing would be enough of a workout for today, but oh no, we got our full hour's worth in. We did lunges (both static and moving) with weights. We did arm exercises. We did side kicks. We did shuffle suicides, which are (amazingly) even tougher than regular suicides.

This was a really tough hour, but I'm proud of how I did, and even more excited about how much better I'll be by the end of camp.

Despite how tired I was at the end of this morning's session, when Margaret told us that she was bringing some elastic bands and other equipment to use in Tuesday's workout, I immediately started thinking about going to it. So we'll see--I just may roll out of bed tomorrow and show up on what would normally be my "off" day. Then again, I may have to hit the snooze button and take the morning off from camp. Stay tuned...

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