Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Little Blessings

It's been a fairly stressful week at work for me, particularly earlier in the week. There were a few times when I recalled a friend's recent remark that she wouldn't want to have my job and I thought to myself, "I'm not sure I want it right now, either." But overall I am very grateful for a job that I {most of the time} do enjoy.

And I am especially grateful for several little blessings that God has sent my way in the midst of the stress and frustration. Here are a few from today:

• Getting a nice big stack of magazines from my mom. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on the sofa with a big stack of reading material, which is exactly what I plan to do this weekend (assuming I can hold off on reading them til then).

• Working out with a co-worker tonight. Even though we were both tired and contemplated skipping our workout. Even though no one else from our usual workout gang stayed late to workout with us. Even though we had some technical glitches due to a power outage this afternoon and had to wait about 15 minutes for our resident IT expert to get the DVD player back online and running. Even though Jillian Michaels showed us no mercy--I'm still glad we stuck around and worked out. I now feel a little less guilty for skipping today's morning workout.

• Arriving home and discovering that my order from DSW had arrived. {Yay!} And by the way, I am so excited that we are finally getting a DSW store here!

• Discovering that the postal worker had kindly left the box from DSW underneath my carport, where it stayed dry and safe from this afternoon's rain. I wish I knew who the postal worker was so I could thank them!

• Finding two more new magazines in my mailbox. Even more reading to enjoy this weekend!

What little blessings have made your day today?

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