Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pinning Streak

A few weeks ago, my friend Margie introduced me to Pinterest. What is Pinterest, you ask? It's a virtual "bulletin board" that allows you to bookmark (aka "pin") and organize items of interest that you find on the Web. For instance, I've got boards where I've pinned recipes I want to try, home decor inspiration, craft projects, gift ideas, and more. 

I love the organization that Pinterest allows, and the fact that it saves me from having a bookmarks list a million miles long. You can follow friends on Pinterest (and they can follow you) and you can repin items that others have pinned. 

On the downside, Pinterest can be a real time suck if you're not careful. I've got the free Pinterest iPhone app so I can pin on the go, which I'm finding is somewhat cutting into my Words with Friends productive time. 

Here's a great tutorial on using Pinterest. If you're already on Pinterest and want to follow me, just click the "Follow me" button on the right. If you're not on Pinterest and want to give it a try, send me your email address and I'll send you an invitation to join. 

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Margie Walters said...

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