Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Adoption Prayers

Over the past year or so it seems like I've been surrounded by people who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children, some domestically and some from other countries. I've solicited prayers on the behalf of some adoptions in the past, and now I'm soliciting more prayers for another family who is expanding from three to five with the adoption of a son and daughter from Russia.

The parents are currently in Russia to finalize everything, with plans to bring the children home this Friday. However, there have been some major paperwork snafus regarding their new daughter, Olivia Ann, over the past couple of days, and they have sent several prayer requests about the problems. Thankfully, God has graciously answered many prayers already and has moved several mountains, but there is still the need for prayers as they wait to hear whether everything has been resolved. Please join in praying for the Black family, specifically that the paperwork will indeed finally be in order and that they will all be able to come home on Friday as planned.

You can read about their adoption journey on their blog here.

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