Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Review: Love Does

My newest book review for BookSneeze is of Love Does by Bob Goff. I'd never heard of the author before and wasn't sure what to expect, but knowing that he is friends with Donald Miller, one of my favorite authors, I knew that he would be someone out of the ordinary and would most likely provide an interesting read. Boy, was I right.

Love Does is a series of life lessons from Goff's far-from-ordinary life. An attorney by trade, Goff has devoted much of his time and expertise to working in Uganda to set children free from slavery. When he wanted to get into law school but didn't have the grades to qualify, he doggedly sat outside the dean's office day after day until he was finally allowed to enroll. One of my favorite anecdotes was the story of how, in the wake of 9/11, he and his wife encouraged their young children's idea of writing to heads of state around the world and asking to come visit them. To Goff's surprise, several world leaders invited the Goff children (and their parents) to visit them in their native countries. And Goff and his wife, who had agreed to take their children anywhere that they were invited to go, made good on their promise and traveled around the world to make friends with (and even eat ice cream with) heads of state.

Goff weaves these and other fascinating stories in with some life lessons, all boiling down to the point that love is active, as the book title suggests. Occasionally I'll read a book that draws me in so much that I want to have a long chat with the author afterward. This is one of those books.

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