Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's been a month since I arrived home after work to a most unpleasant sight. As I opened the front door and stepped in, it took my brain a moment to register what my eyes had already taken in: my house had been burglarized. Thus began a whirlwind of frantic activity (calling the police, taking an inventory of what had been stolen, dealing with my insurance company, etc). Needless to say, it caused more than a little (unwanted) excitement for a while.

Slowly but surely I've been putting the pieces back together, and finally got a new computer to replace my stolen one. I am immensely thankful for my iPhone which helped me to do so much while I was computer-less; in fact, having it probably enabled me to spend more time deciding on what new computer I wanted and not have to make a rush decision. During this time I also went out of town a couple of times, so most of my purchases (including the computer) were put on hold until I returned.

At any rate, I am very glad to have many of my stolen items replaced and to have most of the pieces put back together. I am also glad to be able to return to blogging after this month-long absence. Not sure if any of my "regular" readers have stuck around while I was M.I.A., but if you're still there, thank you! I'm sure I'll have some deeper thoughts to share soon, but for now I just wanted to show some sign of life in blogland.


That Girl said...

I'm here! I hope you never go through that ugliness again!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Terri--I wouldn't wish that kind of ugliness on anyone, that's for sure. It could have been a lot worse so I have much to be thankful for, all things considered.