Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Is All My Sister's Fault

The other day my sister sent me this link to a blogger who had created a little coffee station in her kitchen. As a coffee lover myself, I was inspired to create my own coffee station in my kitchen this weekend. 

Here's the little corner I set aside in my kitchen. After a couple of years of lusting after the mighty Keurig, I finally broke down and bought one last year around Christmas. No regrets. I adore it. 

I purchased the square turquoise blue plate (a nice contrast with my red walls and white counters, I thought), white creamer and Torani sugar free syrups (Pumpkin Pie and Salted Caramel) at World Market yesterday. The plate was only $5.99 and the creamer $3.99. I already had the little silver cup to hold my Truvia packets.

Sadly, I don't have quite as much kitchen cabinet space as the blogger apparently does, so I limited my coffee station to two shelves rather than three. On the first shelf is my coffee jar and a bowl (purchased a couple of years ago when I went to Turkey) holding my Keurig k-cups. There's extra coffee and Truvia packets tucked away behind them.

On the second shelf is a basket (that I already had) containing hot chocolate and cappuccino packets, as well as some apple cider mix. To the left is a glass mug ($3.99 at World Market) holding Nonni's chocolate almond biscotti. Yes, those are dog biscuits to the right of the basket; I figured that while I was cleaning off my kitchen counter I'd move her treats up out of the way but still within easy reach). 

All of my coffee mugs are next to the coffee; I just didn't take a picture of them.

Since I was in a reorganizing mood, I bought a couple extra items to help tidy up the pantry.

I bought this large glass jar ($8.99 at Target) to hold granola bars and other frequent snacks. 

This basket was on clearance for $9.98 at Target. I put my dried snacks (Triscuits, peanuts, Stacy's pita chips, etc.) in it. I ended up making a return trip to Target and bought another basket to corral some items in my laundry room.

Now all of my snacks are neatly tucked away in the pantry. I also did some more rearranging in the kitchen and my countertops are less cluttered and look much neater. So thanks to my sister sharing that blog with me, I had a very busy but productive day yesterday. I think I've earned some pumpkin-y treats, to celebrate fall's arrival:

Not only did I purchase pumpkin pie syrup, but I also found this pumpkin pie flavored coffee at Ross yesterday for $4.99. I can't wait to give them a try together this afternoon, along with a couple of the two ingredient pumpkin spice cookies that I made last night. However, I think a nap is in order first.

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Carrie from Talking In Space said...

Um, you're welcome? It all looks really good! Now I feel bad that I didn't organize my own stuff. I did buy the salted caramel syrup and that was one of the more fun things on my to do list. Just think of how easy it will be to serve me coffee next time I am in town. : )