Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work Plans

This has turned into one of those somewhat  frustrating weeks where I am accomplishing little to nothing on my ever-growing to-do list at work. I am struggling to finish getting all the articles and artwork together for our next magazine issue, and find myself continually pulled aside to work on other projects. One of the aspects of my job that I do {usually} appreciate is being able to work on multiple projects concurrently so that I don't get bored doing the same thing. This week, however, I'm sort of wishing that I could have the office all to myself for some long stretches of uninterrupted time so that I could get this magazine knocked out.

I feel overwhelmed and woefully behind the deadline I had in mind, and I. hate. that. feeling. It makes me cranky and irritable. It makes me lose sleep some nights. It makes me want to chuck my career for a less stressful job, like working in a toll booth. I can't imagine that many toll booth workers lose sleep worrying about how many cars they'll have to deal with the next day.

But since becoming a toll booth worker is probably not a viable option at this point, I'm trying to deal with the stress a bit better. I recently found this charming print on Etsy and have a copy of it next to my computer at work:

I have to admit that I have not been consistent in committing my work to the Lord. Some days I do, but most days I don't. Perhaps praying daily--maybe multiple times daily--about my work will help me accomplish more. Better yet, I feel pretty certain it will help me manage my stress in a healthy way and have a better attitude. So when I'm feeling like I'm drowning in work I'm going to try to turn it over to God and not let it get to me. I'll also try to more regularly practice the Whitley Gilbert "Relax-Relate-Release" method. I'm pretty sure that will help, too.

Do you have any verses or thoughts that you meditate on when you're feeling overwhelmed with work?


Carrie from Talking In Space said...

I frequently think of the saying (and darn good OK Go lyrics) "Let it go- this too shall pass". I'm not always the best at actually letting it go, but it does help me remember that nothing lasts forever.

Lisa said...

Yes, I often have to remind myself that about 95% of what I'm worrying about is not going to matter in a year, or ten, or fifty. People won't remember that my magazine came out later than I wanted it to--what they WILL remember is how I treated them. Hard to keep that in mind sometimes!