Friday, March 18, 2005

The Way Things Aren't Supposed to Be

Well, my beloved, beleagured, injury-riddled Tide folded like a cheap umbrella in the first round of the NCAA tournament yesterday. Seems like every year, a 12 seed always knocks off a 5 seed in the opener, just wish Bama didn’t have to be the victim this year! (At least I still have Duke to root for—go Blue Devils!)

Eastern Kentucky lost as well yesterday to #2 seed Kentucky. EKU was a long shot, but a sentimental favorite for me after hearing Zach Ingles’ story that I blogged about yesterday. That’s the craziness of March Madness, sometimes Cinderella dances and sometimes she leaves the ball early.

The best thing about the tournament is its unpredictability; pretty much ANYTHING can happen. A 12 seed can knock off a 5 seed. A last-second shot can turn an average player into a hero. In an ideal world, the top-ranked teams would always prevail, with all four #1 seeds meeting in the Final Four. Somehow or another, it never turns out the way oddsmakers and bracket makers think it’s “supposed” to.

It’s a good thing that things don’t always work out the way they’re “supposed” to. Read through dozens of stories in the Bible of improbable heroes and seemingly insurmountable odds, and you’ll see that God doesn’t operate under anyone’s expectations.

The walls of a city aren’t supposed to come down simply when trumpets blare and an army shouts.

A little shepherd boy isn’t supposed to knock off the fiercest giant warrior in the land.

A virgin isn’t supposed to be pregnant.

And most certainly the Creator of the universe, YAHWEH Himself, is not supposed to live among people who disrespect Him and kill Him.

So many things happen in our lives that aren’t “supposed” to, some bad, many of them good. We receive so many blessings that we don’t deserve. Thank Heaven for a God who loves us so much that He goes against everything that “should” happen and pours out His grace and mercy on us.

God, thank You for going against the grain and making the impossible possible.


DJG said...

Amen to that!

Our Crimson Tide just continues to let us down. I am glad I didn't follow the basketball, I can't take much more disappointment. But if I catch it on I may just watch some of it...

elizabeth said...

I too was very saddened that Bama lost in the first round. So did Texas. What a lousy first round.

We are from Waco and are VERY excited that our Lady Bears were a 2 seed. They play tomorrow...